The article about our colleagues from "City Specialized House of Child № 1" Odessa "

The Constitution of Ukraine says a lot about decent life and nothing about the worthy process of dying and death. In the minds of officials mortality - statistics. In the minds of medical staff - the data for which you need to report. At this time, palliative patients in the last stage of life remain with their incurable diseases one by one. If there is no positive prognosis for treatment, then from the hospitals they are sent home - and in fact write down to relatives to die.

 In Ukraine, with the financial support of the EU, a project is being implemented to protect the rights of children in need of palliative care. In seven Ukrainian cities, 7 centers of legal support started work, which will help hard-sick children and their parents. Call for help in your city:таблиця

The law does not anesthetize

The film was created with the support of MF Vidrodzhennya by the NGO Institute for Legal Studies and Strategies for the World Palliative Care Day.

Journalist Margarita Tulup writes about why the state of Ukraine does not want to notice palliative patients: too complex patients.

We saw how hospital clowns work. This movement abroad has been developing for a long time. And I am very glad that we have this movement too. To help with kindness, a smile and recharge with optimism. Who are they and how much is this subtle and important work - in the article by Margarita Tulup:.

"Priceless moment of a child's life"

In 2013, Ukraine approved major changes in legislation designed to facilitate access to narcotic painkillers for seriously ill patients. Now in the country one of the most progressive legislations in this field in Europe: you can anaesthetize patients regardless of the diagnosis, age and place of residence through a family doctor without special commissions. Despite this, only 15% of all needy can live without pain. Why laws were not enough to not have to endure, in an interview with the manager of the program initiative "Public Health" of the Foundation "Vidrodzhennia" Ksenia Shapoval:


Dear friends!

We remind you that registration for the 4th Congress on Child Palliative Care, which will take place in Rome from 24 to 27 October 2018, continues. Registration is open until October 14, 2018.
More information on the Maruzza Foundation website


Dear Colleagues!

The Ukrainian Association of Pediatric Palliative Care asks you to take part in the collection of information on existing services in Ukraine for the provision of children's palliative care. Share information about organizations known to you, based on it, we can make a map of services in Ukraine for parents, health workers and volunteers. Let's systematize information on what services are now available to families. We will be grateful for the answers, and for distributing this questionnaire: (link access)

Please list all organizations known to you in the questionnaire, even if you do not have full information about them.

Deadline for completing the application form is August 27, 2018.
The summary information will be published on September 10, 2018.


"99% of the boarders and educators believe that " they are the system ". When you start criticizing the system, they think you are criticizing them, but the boarding system is not able to give the child what it needs, Roman believes." For me the sun It is a sun.Night is a night.Child has to be brought up in a family or a family environment.I do not understand why a child should be at a boarding school "   read the article

Time to save. The history of the doctor who headed
the house of the child and completely changed it


Dear colleagues!

A round table on "Palliative care for children. Ensuring the rights of children in need of palliative care " will be held in Sumy city.
Purpose of the event: discussion of the issues of provision of palliative care to children under the age of 18 who live in their homes and families who are in difficult living conditions due to illness of the child - how the cooperation of social services and health facilities can help these families?
Target audience: social workers of the territorial centers of social assistance to the population, specialists of city, district Children's Services and Centers of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth, medical workers, representatives of public and voluntary organizations involved in the assistance to patients with palliative care.
Date of the event - October 22, 2018, beginning at 11-00.
The venue is the Sumy geriatric boarding house for veterans of war and labor
(Sumy, 20, Kovpak Street)
The event will be held within the framework of the project "Protecting the rights of children in need of palliative care" with the support of the Charitable Organization "Network of 100 percent of life Rivne" and the European Union and with the support of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.